Queen Contest

LOCATION River Valley Christian Church

DATE Saturday, September 23, 2017


OBJECTIVEpromote our community and to allow local young women the opportunity to participate in a fun scholarship pageant and festival event.

AWARDS Plaques will be given to the winners in the following categories:

  • Queen
  • 1st Runner Up
  • 2nd Runner Up
  • 3rd Runner Up
  • 4th Runner Up
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Queen Miss Fundraiser
  • Queen Fan Favorite
  • Junior Miss Fall Foliage
  • Junior Miss Fundraiser
  • Junior Fan Favorite

Queen Contest Rules

Casual Wear
Business Wear
Evening Gown
On Stage Question

The Fall Festival Queen contestants will be judged on the basis of poise, personality, and ability to converse at a competitive contest. The judging is divided into the following categories:

                  Ability to converse                   20 points
                  Personality                                15 points
                 Poise                                           15 points

Attire: Suit or Dress: Suit pieces do not have to be of the same fabric, separates will be allowed. Each contestant will have at least 3-5 minutes alone before the judges. She will answer impromptu questions asked by the judges.

                                      Category 2:             EVENING GOWN              30 POINTS TOTAL
Stage Presence                           15 points
                                                                                   Overall Impression                     15 points

Attire: Long Evening Gown. At least one portion of the evening gown’s hemline needs to be floor length (touching the floor or contestant’s foot). Other portions of the dress may be knee or tea length, depending on the design of the dress. A gown with the skirt split above the knee (more than 2" above the knee cap), a low-cut bodice and/or cut/design inappropriate for the state pageant may be discounted by the judges. 

                            Category 3:         CASUAL WEAR       20 POINTS TOTAL
Posture and Poise                             10 points
                                              Overall Impression                            10 points

 Attire: T-Shirt will be provided.  Jean bottoms (no holes, rips, frays or tears) Contestants will present a 2-3 minute speech on stage about what the Fall Foliage Festival means to them. They may include one hand held prop during their speech.